Elisabeth Norrby, Director, Executive and Leadership Coach, ICF ACC, Senior Consultant  in personal development, team and organisational development


Coaching in London, People in transition, autumn 2016. Contact us for more information.


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Insight for Success - for people in transition

Insight for Success contributes to successful relationships for individuals and organisations in transition.  We believe that the ability to manage oneself and others is the key to individual, team, and organisational success.  Times of transition and change can challenge you in ways not always anticipated. Understanding and meeting your needs and those of others paves the way to success in your personal and professional life.

Insight for Success – works for everyone

Insight for Success provides structured methods for strengthening your personal leadership and skills to deal with the people around you. With new  perspectives, you will increase your self-awareness and learn how to cope with whatever obstacles you must overcome. Insight for Success offers a hands-on tool-kit to manage challenges in a new way and to get the best out of the most powerful tool in your life - you.

Lost in transition? That’s when you need Insight for Success!



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